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Welcome to jnCX!

Welcome to jnCX, the offical site for everything important in your totally unimportant life. So get going, begin to explore and find anything that might begin to make your life one worth living. The site includes everything you could every possibly want, a post shop, graphics, videos, and links. Get going and find something meaningful, it might change your life, but most likely not.

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jnCX is a great website, eh? So why not share it with your friends, as long as you are not making money off of telling people. If you are making money please do the following: 1). Tell Me How 2). Stop Doing It Once You Tell Me and 3). Tell More People. jncX is not copyrighted, so please don't use the name. Have any questions about my site? E-Mail me at jncx@phippy.com.